New Year Cheer

Arden was expected to show an improvement, but a 50% rise in adjusted eps is impressive and encouraging - all the more so since its year is to end-October so the two good months for AIM, November and December 2013, fall into 2013/4. City of London IG reported a 29% fall …

Published: 21st January 2014


Year End Round-Up

It is pleasant to note that General Financials have been one of the best-performing sectors in 2013 with a 42% rise in the sector index, more than double the 17% rise in the All-Share. The Non-Life Insurance index is only up 12% but that is largely due to the 27% …

Published: 2nd January 2014


Not so bearish

Despite 6 weeks of broad UK index declines, there were snippets of good news in the sector: Polar Capital's perseverance with its Japanese specialty has at last been rewarded by the market recovery there, meaning a big rise (80%) in management fees which translated to a thumping 162% rise in earnings …

Published: 13th December 2013


2 cheers for asset managers and 1 for forex

The strong rise in market levels in the first quarter of 2013 led to improved conditions for asset manager / stockbrokers. Fee levels rose as the APCIMS Balanced Index was, on average, 12% higher in April-September this year than in 2012 and a consequential rise in investor confidence increased dealing …

Published: 18th November 2013


Sunshine between the clouds

It's not just the UK economy where the news is starting to verge on encouraging: the Smaller Cap Financials sector looked almost cheerful in recent days. Hampden Underwriting (HUW) has moved swiftly to use its freed-up capital acquiring three small Lloyd's vehicles; Randall & Quilter (RQIH) announced another significant acquisition; H&T (HAT) published …

Published: 22nd October 2013


AIM Market Flying High

Since we published our note entitled "Ready, AIM, Fire!" on the 5th of August, to coincide with the first date from which AIM listed shares could be included in ISA accounts, the AIM market has taken off, relative to its UK "full list" peers. From the close of business on Friday …

Published: 2nd October 2013