Stockbrokers/asset managers

The UK equity market appears to have recovered from a turbulent period in August, but the share prices of many of the (private client) Asset Managers, and the institutional (corporate) stockbrokers, have not. In this note we look at recent news & sentiment affecting the wider quoted sub sector. Our note …

Published: 29th October 2015


A paucity of catastrophes

Lots of news in recent days in the Financials arena from Lloyds Insurers, fund management groups and the stockbroking community. Hiscox, Beazley and BRiT have all released news in recent days: Hiscox in particular saying that "a paucity of catastrophes" has benefitted its numbers. Likewise many of the quoted fund managers …

Published: 31st July 2015


Meanwhile, behind the headlines

One of the Sectors seen as the biggest beneficiaries of last week's UK Election result is the Financials sector. Within that, the "quoted stockbrokers" must be perceived as one of the main winners, as it should extend the positive market for IPOs on both the LSE full list and on …

Published: 13th May 2015


Busy times in the broking and banking world

Results in the last few days include a stockbroker and a pawnbroker plus the two largest surviving Integrated Lloyd's Vehicles (ILV), as well asCharles Stanley discussing the possible sale of its Securities unit (sending their shares surging). Amlin and Hiscox both posted strong results for 2014 despite the further fall …

Published: 12th March 2015


S&U delivers, but over-optimism exposed elsewhere

This morning's trading statement from S&U shows that someone is benefiting from an economic upturn. S&U has managed to simultaneously expand and improve the quality of its lending book with Home Credit expanding turnover and collecting agents by 10%, but collections by 12%. They declared a second interim dividend to …

Published: 13th February 2015


Meeting expectations: reassuring or boring?

Boring is good - well, at least it is reassuring. Predictability implies a lower risk of unpleasant surprises.So it is a matter of satisfaction that, in trading conditions that are far less than helpful, some Financials have just reported that results for calendar 2014 will be in line with expectations. Fairpoint …

Published: 26th January 2015