Natural Resources

‘PAS’ Performance Analysis Score

PAS has the amazing record of having indicated all 20 LSE fully-listed bankruptcies since 2010 Equity Development’s parent company, NGR Capital (NGRC), is delighted to announce that it has secured the license to use and to develop Performance Analysis Score (PAS) from Professor Richard Taffler. The PAS system has the amazing record …

Published: 24th September 2018


A chance to rethink

This paper proposes a fresh look at UK energy policy and suggests that a focus on thorium to replace uranium implies worthwhile delay to meeting the 2050 emissions targets of the UK's Climate Change Act and is an acceptable sacrifice in the longer term interests of a safer and more …

Published: 3rd November 2011


Corporate activity continues

Origin successfully defends itself from BG bid Queensland Gas continues industry consolidation Island Gas establishing first mover advantage in the UK

Published: 11th September 2008


Fundamentals intact

Growth in demand for diamonds being driven by developing economies Price of diamonds expected to increase significantly in the medium term as supply lags Junior diamond companies have been sold down in the broader bear stock-market: opportunities exist

Published: 9th September 2008


Coal Bed Methane in the news

Coal bed methane is gaining favour with investors Technological improvements are improving the flow rates that can be achieved Natural Gas is significantly cleaner burning than coal and oil, increasing its popularity Several recent high profile transactions have given the sector additional credibility

Published: 13th June 2008