Touch Group


Touch Group is an international business-to-business publishing group. Its targeted areas are Medical Communications, Online, and Medical Content Research for the Pharmaceutical Device and Diagnostic Industries. It also focuses on the energy industry, covering nuclear power, renewable energy sources, and gas and oil, in both America and Europe. Its main subsidiary, Touch Briefings, publishes a diverse portfolio of information and communications products within key growth sectors, with emphasis on the pharmaceutical, clinical and energy arenas. Through this portfolio - of over 80 print publications, a suite of industry-leading websites and client-specific platforms - Touch Briefings delivers comprehensive information and knowledge that educates and informs key industry leaders through print and online platforms. There are five areas of operation: Medical Journals, Health Sciences, Energy Publications, Bespoke Publications and Clinical Websites.


A highly focused publishing business
Published: Jun 05 2008

Occupying an attractive niche in STM publishing

Strong order books in 2008

This year should see strong upward movement in gross margins

Now based on Touch Briefings, a focused B2B publisher
Published: Apr 25 2007

  • Majority of revenues derived from advertising, both from printed and online
  • Strong market positioning and corporate flexibility should lead to rapid growth 
  • The current low PER rating potentially allows for considerable expansion, giving 'fair value' target of 13.2p/share (vs current 6p)
Touch; difficult year behind them
Published: Dec 22 2006

  • Recovery after difficult 2005
  • Briefings restructured
  • Credible strategy to monetise online directory business
  • Strong management team in place
  • Target price of 14.65p vs current price of 5.5p
Can you afford to be out of Touch?
Published: Dec 13 2004

  • Touch group well positioned to perform in multimedia markets with leading online product
  • New leadership, unified management
  • Dramatic growth in relaunch of online directory business from a leading position
  • Strength in complementary businesses
  • Substantial undervaluation versus sector averages