Throgmorton Trust


The Throgmorton Trust is a long-established investment trust, founded in 1957, that invests in a diversified portfolio of UK Smaller Companies, providing individuals with an opportunity to benefit from the higher expected returns from small companies, without the excess risk and higher expenses that accompany investment in a single smaller company. Blackrock Investment Management won a mandate to manage the fund in 2008.


Inappropriate discount to NAV given continued good performance
Published: Sep 03 2007

Throgmorton's total return per share more than doubled

21.5% rise in NAV compared to 15% for the FTSE SmallCap

Throgmorton; Stockpicking tells
Published: Mar 07 2007

  • Excellent stockpicking offsets weak AIM market
  • Other small cap funds have less AIM exposure
  • NAV still outperforming the benchmark indices
  • Discount to NAV still looks unduly high relative to peer group levels and on an absolute basis
Throgmorton Trust; reliable performance
Published: Aug 23 2006

  • Throgmorton has outperformed sector average for all periods from 6 months up to 10 years
  • Above-average discount despite superior performance
  • Buying-in shares to limit or reduce discount
Throgmorton Trust; excellent performance record; inappropriate discount to NAV
Published: May 05 2006

  • Consistently superior performance vs. market and benchmark
  • Focusing on sector that has given strong returns
  • Sensible alternative to unwieldy portfolio of smaller companies
  • Deserves much lower discount to NAV than current 14.8%