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Sphere Medical develops and commercialises medical monitoring and diagnostic equipment. Its lead product, Proxima, provides near real-time analysis of blood gases, electrolytes, and metabolites at the patient's bedside within critical care.


CE Mark opens the door to commercialisation
Published: Sep 30 2016

On the cusp of commercialisation
Published: Sep 22 2016

First Belgian order for Proxima confirmed
Published: Aug 30 2016

CE Mark expected shortly, launch preparations on track
Published: Jul 21 2016

Worthy of further evaluation
Published: Feb 24 2016

The finalisation of Proxima 4's development phase opens the way for its commercialisation in Europe, with CE Marking expected mid-2016. The experience gained with Proxima 3 has provided valuable insights that should improve market traction. A launch employing the in-house sales team is expected before year-end but exploiting Proxima 4's potential will require a well-placed existing player. The identification of a suitable marketing partner is a critical next step, with initial discussions underway. Our three phase DCF-based model suggests a valuation of £14.4m, equivalent to 10.2p per share.