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Sinclair IS Pharma is an international speciality pharma company, with corporate headquarters in London, and operations headquarters in Paris. Creating and developing brand families in different areas of dermatology is the key to Sinclair's growth strategy. The company has an established sales and marketing footprint in the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain, and a rapidly growing presence in emerging markets through key strategic partners.


Sinclair IS Pharma Investor Forum Presentation
Published: Jun 11 2014

Chris Spooner, CEO, gives an enlightening and witty presentation on the future of the aesthetics market, the benefits of collagen stimulation over fillers, and what treatments leading celebrities have undergone. 
Sinclair Pharma; Full review of results/license deal/acquisition
Published: Jul 04 2006

  • GCSD purchased in France
  • Decapinol licensed in USA
  • Profitabilty forecast for 2007
Sinclair Pharma; successfully executing strategy
Published: Jan 19 2006

  • Over 30 licensing agreements in FY 2005
  • Italian acquisition contributing over £1m
  • Healthy cash position, bolstered by £7m issue
  • Reassuring Pre Close period update
  • Fair value/ share: 195-202p vs current 135p
Sinclair Pharma; R&D update
Published: Jul 04 2005

Sinclair Pharma's financial year has successfully drawn to an end with an extensive number of regulatory approvals in both the US and EU, 31 commercial agreements signed worldwide over the period, and a company acquisition in Italy.
Sinclair Pharma; Acquisition and product progress
Published: May 25 2005

  • Decapinol approved by FDA
  • Acquisition of Euroderm RDC
  • Good news flow
  • Fair value still seen as 165p a share
Sinclair Pharma; License for change
Published: Jan 14 2005

  • US licence agreement for Atopiclair™ with Chester Valley Pharmaceuticals
  • Acquisition of Euroderm-RDC SpA
  • First European distribution agreement for Decapinol®
  • Significant enhancement of the company's prospects
  • Fair Value of 165p
Sinclair Pharma; low risk life science business model heading towards profit
Published: Aug 20 2004

  • Low risk business model in emerging life sciences with growth prospects.
  • Nine of the eleven products in the company's portfolio are already registered in the US, EU, or both
  • On our conservative projections Sinclair Pharma should become profitable in 2007.
  • Our fair value estimate of 165p compares with the current share price of 107.5p