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S & U is a specialist provider of credit, mostly to sub-prime borrowers. The larger part of its business is Home Credit, where its original business of selling goods on credit to consumers has long been eclipsed by unsecured sort-term cash loans with weekly repayments (usually over 14, 20 or 37 weeks) collected from the customers' home. More recently it has diversified into medium-term secured lending on motor vehicles under the name Advantage Finance. Most Loansathome4u customers would be normally be unable to obtain credit from a high street bank and a large majority of loans are to satisfied customers who have previously borrowed and repaid their loans. Vehicle loans are larger and for a much longer period so there are fewer repeat customers and underwriting has to be more stringent. Both divisions are profitable and cash-generating with bad debts being less of a burden that the costs of administering relatively small loans.


Steady & Untroubled
Published: Mar 31 2009

S&U turned in another solid performance with a decline of less than 1% in pre-exceptional profits despite having to bear £0.25m of customer rebates and a small loss by Communitas Finance which closed to new business the previous year.