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Renewable Energy Holdings specialises in wind assets across the UK and continental Europe. It is a 'pure play' energy specialist - investing, developing and operating within the field of wind energy. The company will continue to benefit from renewable energy investments, as rising fossil fuel prices and supply volatility increase the reliance on renewable sources of energy. REH is looking to expand further into Europe with acquisitions and the development of additional sites.


Focus on Wind
Published: Apr 08 2010

Strategic focus on European wind assets

Ongoing exposure to wave energy through CETO

Shares at large discount to NAV and sum of parts
Disposal of Bryn Posteg
Published: Jan 22 2010

The final step in REH's current move to focus on its European wind farm portfolio has been taken with the disposal of Bryn Posteg, the Welsh Landfill Gas Asset for £2.75m cash

The wind regime in Germany in 2009 was below average, but a return to normal conditions and the development of the Polish and Welsh assets should see a gain in REH's forward momentum

Review of Interims
Published: Sep 30 2009

Fair value seen at 105p / share is over 3x current market value

Shareholder value crystallised through CETO sale

Unusual wind conditions hampered sales earlier in year

2008 Prelims - CETO Update
Published: Jun 03 2009

2008 a year of progress:

Revenues up 38%

Cash balance of £6.5m

Management hires

2009 active already:

CETO sale to Carnegie

Interest in Sicilian solar photovoltaic project

Fair value / share now seen at 141 p vs current 31.75p

Interim results
Published: Sep 04 2008

In what is shaping up to another milestone year for the company, REH moved into profit in the first half, and reported very useful progress in the expansion of its proven technology assets, and the commercialisation of CETO. The portfolio of operating assets now covers costs on a cash flow basis.

CETO Catching the waves in Bermuda
Published: Aug 05 2008

MOU with Triton Renewable Energy

Proposed 2 MW test site, then 20 MW installation

Commercialisation of CETO could provide uplift of 53p per share
Portfolio progressing at all levels
Published: Jun 24 2008

On track for 150 MW wind capacity in 2010

Biogas progressing well

Commercial roll-out of CETO in Northern and Southern Hemispheres

Significant headway in stabilising financial position

Share price target of 118p, with strong potential for 53p further uplift from CETO


Encouraging progress
Published: Sep 26 2007

CETO receives further boost to commericalisation

Exciting prospects in Poland and Wales

Target price of 118p vs current of 49.5p per share

Strong progress on financing and projects
Published: Aug 28 2007

Excellent recent newsflow on financing and projects

European windfarm and landfill progressing with strong pipeline in place

CETO (wave energy) boosted by new collaborations

£10m provided by investors to maintain momentum

Renewable Energy fair value / share raised to 118p, versus current 47p

CETO Takes to the Seas
Published: Jul 27 2007

A collaboration announced today between REH and EDF Energies Nouvelles SA (EDF EN) should provide the funding to complete the development of the innovative CETO wave power converter device to the point of readiness for commercial deployment, and the opportunity for a rollout of offshore wave power projects.

Renewable Energy; the winds of change
Published: Dec 08 2006

  • Large and growing market
  • Low risk portfolio of assets
  • Support and opportunities from powerful strategic partners
  • Building a pan-European deal pipeline
  • Fair price/share target seen at 85p vs current 39p