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PureCircle is the world's leading processor and refiner of high purity stevia leaf. As the principal international supplier and marketer of high purity stevia, and its yielding product, Rebaudioside A (Reb A), PureCircle has market dominance in the food and beverage industry, providing and encouraging healthier diets through natural, zero-calorie ingredients. 'Reb A' is a natural sweetener and alternative to sugar. Its largest manufacturing plant is located in Malaysia, producing 2000 tonnes of high purity stevia per annum. 


PureCircle June 2013
Published: Jun 25 2013

William Mitchell from PureCircle presents to Equity Development's Forum on the 26th June 2013
Sweet prospects
Published: Jun 23 2013

PureCircle is the world's leading producer of high purity stevia ingredients for the global food and beverage industry.
The latest of many key events in developing this market was the introduction of their high purity stevia to Coca Cola's Sprite and Pepsi's Pepsi Next brands, replacing 30% of the sugar content in each - the first time it has been used in mainstream carbonated soft drinks international brands
$20bn is seen as an addressable market. The actual total market in which PureCircle's high purity stevia aims to find its place is worth 3x that sum. High purity stevia joins sugar and HFCS as the only natural mass volume sweeteners, but the only such natural sweetener to be able to moderate calorie consumption.
Capacity expansion should be fundable from cash flow, yet consensus forecasts suggest a prospective p/e ratio of 16x in 2016. Not bad, when considered against the background of a new explosive growth market in which PureCircle is the dominant player.
On track
Published: Apr 19 2010

Reb A and stevia based sweeteners fast becoming the new high intensity and only natural sweetener of choice

PureCircle well placed to maintain their leadership position in the supply chain

Joint Venture with Imperial Sugar shows strategic progress

European Food Safety Authority have now confirmed stevia safe to use
Sweetness and Lite
Published: Jan 25 2010

PureCircle is the dominant supplier of stevia products

 Stevia is the only successful zero calorie sweetener that is natural, and a complement to sugar

 The potential addressable market is seen at over $10bn