Ilika specialises in the rapid discovery of new materials for the energy, electronics and biomedical sectors. The company invents and tests materials to investigate their potential, every day commercial use, reducing discovery times from ten years to a number of months. Within each sector the company concentrates on increasing performance, efficiency, and energy storage, striving to meet societal needs. The Company has been successful in attracting large multinational partners such as Toyota, Shell and NXP to co-fund the route to commercialisation and to market products incorporating materials developed by Ilika upon a global scale.


Ilika - ED Investor Forum September 2015
Published: Sep 25 2015

Graeme Purdy, Chief Executive Officer, explains to investors how Ilika work with OEMs to develop new patentable functional materials and how their solid state battery development is progressing.
Of Material Interest
Published: Sep 17 2010

Ilika exploits a high speed materials discovery technology, High Throughput Technology (HTT), developed at the University of Southampton

Their primary focus is on $ multi-billion market opportunities in the cleantech energy sector, and they work with an impressive list of partners in Joint Development Programmes

The business is revenue-generating, has a low burn rate and offers significant upside potential through royalties on end-product sales