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Evident Proof is a digital platform, underpinned by blockchain technology, which ensures that data transactions, events and documents that can all be used as dependable evidence.


Immutable Data Proof Engine
Published: Nov 29 2018

Evident Proof is a digital data proof platform, underpinned by blockchain technology. It ensures that data transactions, events and documents can now uniquely be stored in an immutable database. Evident Proof enables clients to produce data proof certificates for any data event. Proof Certificates can be used as immutable verification for audits, to prove compliance and as dependable court ready evidence.  
Their team of highly skilled professionals operate a system of hashes and seals, which arguably delivers best practice in terms of unhackable data verification and proof.  The business service provided both reduces risk and raises efficiency for other businesses.
Senior Management demonstrate significant relevant experience.  A number of team members enjoyed successful careers at Microsoft and the business should benefit from both breadth of advisors and partners as well as its relationship with Berkshire Cloud.  A clear understanding of the growth case for data and the use of blockchain technology to ensure that commercial and legally important data is robust, is clearly “in the DNA” of the senior management team.  
Expansion capital will be funded via the issue of 75 million EPT tokens. The company will close the first round of this funding on 30th November 2018.  A further 325 million EPT tokens will be released into the Evident Proof ecosystem as a result of business activity within the system.  
The ultimate value of an EPT will be a direct function of the amount of data verification activity that occurs on the Evident Proof platform.  Data industry growth forecasts and Evident Proof’s own case for ever-increasing demand for immutability, integrity and verification argue that this demand should grow at a rapid pace.  
As a result, demand for EPT tokens and an associated fractionalisation of these tokens should drive up the valuation of whole EPTs.  We see a plausible case for a $2.00 per token valuation.