Earthport is a global payments company specialising in international payments for small businesses, corporate clients and banks. The company operates on a pay-per-transaction basis, and enables its customers to collect payments worldwide through a specialised automated payments method. The services provided are based upon their unique system - epClearing - which offers white-label cross-border monetary services to banks and corporate clients across a variety of platforms. Earthport operates in over 60 countries dealing with more than 20 currencies, offering a system which simplifies and streamlines the transaction process, allowing for a better, lower cost service to its customers.


Revenue progress means profitability seen in H2 2008
Published: Jan 14 2008

Earthport participates on IBM's stand at SIBOS

FX revenues increase as payments in local currency grow

Gross margins improve as volumes increase and FX gains traction

DLCR (Dynamic Low Cost Routing) developed

Market investors should look forward, not backwards
Published: May 30 2007

  • Earthport "across the chasm”
  • Evidence of strong and accelerating transaction growth, with significant progress in the US
  • Driving a large and unique opportunity in a fast growing sector
  • High operating leverage in overhauled technology platform
  • Priced on history, not the present or  future
Earthport; relaying foundations
Published: Jan 24 2006

  • Earthport restructured and refinanced
  • Focused strategy in place
  • NOMAD and Broker appointed
  • “Open for business”, with exciting opportunities
Earthport; a company reborn...
Published: Oct 21 2005

  • 'New earthport': changed management and a capital restructuring
  • Proven team in place to steer recovery
  • Unique and unrivalled banking network and infrastructure
  • Potential for significant revenue growth