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Digital Marketing Group, now operating under the '20:20' brand name is the UK's leading digital marketing and communications business. The group prides itself on its reputation for creative excellence, through its three operating subsidiaries, '20:20 Agency', '20:20 Dialogue', and '20:20 Technology'. Specialising in digital marketing campaigns, 20:20 focuses upon consumer searches and purchases, subsequently gathering and processing this information to provide direct digital marketing campaigns. This process allows the client to comprehend and interpret consumer activity online; consequently being able to shape their campaign and improve their ROI on advertising spend.


Well placed for the long term
Published: Jul 13 2009

DMG's growth strategy is bringing benefits in difficult times and promises much more. In the short term, however, the trading outlook is very uncertain as clients defer new spending, reflecting broader economic concerns. Once investors are more confident about the state of the cycle and company profits, they will back this digitally fuelled growth company and the shares will do well.  On their low rating the shares should be locked away, but patience is needed.