Amphion Innovations TICKER: AMP     EXCHANGE: AIM

Amphion Innovations are company builders in the medical and technology sectors; the group uses a hands-on approach, providing management and seed financing, based on decades of experience in both the US and UK. Amphion has two specialized entities within its make-up, MSA Holding and DataTern, inc. MSA Holding is in place to replicate the Amphion model within the Gulf, presenting an opportunity for global investors to participate in the local life science and technology sectors through their investments. DataTern was established to maximise potential opportunities from commercialising IP prospects from their partner companies.


Turning IP into cash
Published: Nov 16 2009

Partner Companies performing well

DataTern subsidiary earning healthy revenues from IP enforcement

Despite good recent share performance, discount to NAV still too high given track record of asset growth

Portfolio performing well and revenues from IP
Published: Jun 12 2008

Unique process for commercialising IP Successful

20 year record; and NAV/share growth since IPO (2005) of 36% per annum ($), 28% (£)

Rigorous election process for investments, mitigating risk

Partner Companies performing well

Share price discount to reported NAV anomalous

Good results, but core strength is quality and value of portfolio
Published: Sep 18 2007

Revenues + 48%

NAV + 36%

Successful financings for Amphion and partner companies

Gulf initiative and IP entity formed

Shares trading barely above NAV gives significant potential upside

Amphion; Stock market still missing the point
Published: Feb 09 2007

  • Positive trading update
  • Strategic Gulf venture taps into rapidly growing market
  • Myconostica: another UK addition to portfolio
  • Significant realised gains on Beijing Med-Pharm
  • 20 years of high NAV growth delivered by management
  • Valued at a deep discount to peer group
Amphion; building a strong future
Published: Mar 13 2006

  • Development and investment in life sciences/medtech
  • Unique process for commercialising IP
  • Proven record of success over 20 years
  • Currently valued at deep discount to peer group (market cap/NAV multiple)