"Once again a fabulous event for private investors, it really is a fantastic thing you do to bring companies to these events as PI's rarely get the chance to meet them and ask questions in a small and supportive environment. You (the ED team) are legend - please keep them going. "


Private Investor

"One of the biggest problems private investors have, is getting access to broker research. It’s basically impossible for many investors. Therefore I feel some commissioned research is really important and a good investment for companies. In my experience ED are far more proactive than other firms in this space."

Blogger and Stockopedia Contributor logo

Paul Scott
Blogger and Stockopedia Contributor

"There is a need now, more than ever before, for real insight and clarity to be brought to company messages for investors….I would strongly recommend Equity Development to the management of any company."

Small Cap Equity Salesman logo

Christian Hobart
Small Cap Equity Salesman

"I would like to thank and congratulate you, particularly Liz, on your note. It’s short, sharp, pulls out the key issues and I believe will be a valuable asset for our retail outreach."

Ergomed plc logo

Stephen Stamp
Ergomed plc

"The team at ED consistently produce high quality research and highlight profitable investment opportunities, an invaluable tool for small cap investors in this under researched space."

Investors Chronicle logo

Simon Thompson
Investors Chronicle

"Many thanks to @equity_research for a superb Investor Forum. $BMK.L , $VLG.L & $VP.L all interesting companies. I recommend these events. "


Private Investor

"From early days as a private company through to being established on AIM, I have always been able to rely on ED for wise counsel, perceptive research and introductions to new, supportive shareholders."

Kromek logo

Arnab Basu

"I thoroughly enjoyed the investor evening again, and as before its good that you get such an interested audience who engage and ask us all decent questions."

Vp plc logo

Neil Stothard
Vp plc

"I am delighted to go on record that Equity Development has done a very thorough and effective job for us in the last 9 months. In that period our share price has nearly doubled, and ED has published 7 notes to explain our results, acquisitions and key announcements. It has been very useful to stimulate interest amongst private investors, many of whom I have also enjoyed meeting. The timely and incisive notes have also gone down well with institutions. Last, and by no means least, ED’s willingness to work as part of a team alongside my Broker and PR firm has meant that this is a very simple relationship to manage."

Matchtech logo

Adrian Gunn

"MHP believes commissioned research is an important part of the toolkit to attract new investors and improve liquidity. We rate ED's analysts and research very highly as one of the leading providers in this space."

MHP Communications logo

Reg Hoare
MHP Communications

"We cannot thank you enough for opening our eyes to private investors."

Tristel  logo

Liz Dixon

"The board’s appointment of Equity Development has led to a significant improvement in the knowledge and understanding of our business amongst investors. We are delighted with the positive impact that it has had both on investor engagement and, through this, improved trading activity in our shares."

UP Global Sourcing Holdings logo

Andrew Gossage, Managing Director
UP Global Sourcing Holdings

"Thanks for working over the weekend on this – it is really appreciated, as always Benchmark gets massive benefit from ED’s work for us, and from your team’s wise counsel at these key moments."

Benchmark Holdings  logo

Malcolm Pye
Benchmark Holdings