City Grump Rides Again by Stephen Hazell-Smith

During my more than 50 years in the City, there are a few people I’ve met who I like more than Stephen Hazel-Smith and few with whom I disagree more diametrically.

In full flow Stephen makes Boris Johnson sound moderate. If he had lived in the Middle Ages he would have been known as Stephen the Strident. 

As much as I disagree with him, however, I recognise that his arguments are always grounded in his encyclopaedic knowledge of his many years in the City as an eminent fund manager; a founder of the Alternative Investment Market; a champion, like Equity Development, of smaller quoted companies and a City reformer.

I encourage you to read City Grump Rides Again. You will either find yourself nodding in violent agreement, or if you are like me, it will send your blood pressure through the roof. In either case you will be informed, entertained and possibly inspired.

Brian Basham,


Equity Development.